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Great gift for horse loving kids ages 4-16! Color, sketch, trace, draw and journal in this horse-inspired journal.

C A U T I O N : C R E A T I V I T Y A F O O T , I N …

MY PAINTED PALOMINO: Ride-and-Write Journal

There is something about the inside of a horse that can stir up the creativity in kids. Once they meet a horse, a bright new dimension of thought is unlocked! Horses help us perceive in color - what may previously been understood in only black and white.

In the fast-paced age of instant gratification, beauty often isn't given a chance to fully develop. There is value in thoughtfully pausing to connect with peace through creativity. When we stop, breathe, and harmonize with a horse, the gates of freedom of expression are flung wide open!

This journal is full of space for any horse-loving youth to be still and get creative! With room to color, journal and draw, they'll get to participate in the inspiration that horses poetically paint. With peace and freedom - you never know what may show up... Caution: creativity afoot!

My Painted Palomino: Ride & Write Journal

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