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Hey y'all, nice to meet ya. Have you read my book? (you totally should.)


I bet we could swap stories about the trails life has taken us on, and trials we've overcome! I sure would love to connect with you. Let me know what you thought of the book and how it reminded you of the goodness that is present in your life!

My Story

Everybody has one. And everyone's story is important!

My book, He Carried Me, is a collection of poems I've written, prayers I've whispered, and ponies I've known. The fun thing about the book
 is that it is still unfolding!

I have a deep belief that underneath every ugly thing is a beautiful song to be sung. And I have a developing endurance to unearth it until I find the glory, even if it means waiting out the storm.

I'm blessed to live in the sunny South with my family, and accruement of animals - mostly dogs and horses.


Keep looking up,


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Shoot me an email, send me a review or set me up to speak with you! Podcasts, articles and interviews are always welcome! 

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