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The Companion Guide

 Watch a virtual video series, with a right now notebook !

Three easy steps!

Check your email inbox for instructions


Take Note

(step one)

I would love to have you join this 7 part video series. We will talk about the most ideal characteristics to have when facing trials and adversity; and how to embody those traits set beyond ourselves that will ignite our inward transformation.


Grab your interactive notebook first, it has the password you need to log in! 

We can mail you your guide and in 3-10 days it will be ready for you to write down all your thoughts!

Want your guide now? If you have a printer you can download  it today and print from home!

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Tune In

(step two)

This video series is a follow-along, self-paced teaching based on the theme words in our Companion Guide. It will help us succeed and shine through our most uncomfortable challenges. This color coordinated notebook contains interactive prompts and invites personal insight. 

Check your email inbox for instructions

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(step three)

 After our thoughts have turned into notes, our notes will turn into actions! This is where our inward transformation turns into our outward testimony. I can't wait to hear about the miracle God is molding within YOU!

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