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In our Companion Guide series we learned Desert views requires ENDURANCE and help from someone who will sustain us completely. A component of God’s character that we learned about in this series was that He is constantly providing for us in hard places where the circumstances can be draining. He gives us the strength to move forward. How do we do it? With faith that in complete or partial lack, He is faithful to supply it all. These earring remind us to never give up.






Each type of design from this jewelry collection is one of a kind (Conquest/Abide/Rise, etc…) and has been specially made for the video series and shop. They are pretty little things with a great big purpose. Handmade by women who have overcome adversity and been set free. Previously chained to the horrors of modern day trafficking, these women have been rescued out of brothels, slavery and other demeaning forms of ownership and been transformed into a new identity and destiny. They now have dignifying, skilled fair labor which helps them provide for their families. And best of all they know their worth in Christ. Thank you for supporting Destiny Designs. When you wear their handiwork, thank God for His.

ENDURE earrings

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